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We stock a range of workwear trousers including, mens and ladies trousers, cargo pants, tool pocket trousers, drivers trousers, nurses trousers, chefs trousers, waterproof trousers, hi-viz trousers and shorts.


Mens cargo trousers from £13.50 (sizes 28 - 48 reg or long leg).


Mens non cargo trousers from £13.50


Dickies cargo trousers from £17.00. (sizes 28-48 short, reg or long)


Dickies cargo shorts from £15.90.


Tool pocket trousers from £21.50.            


Ladies cargo pants from £11.95. (sizes 8 - 20) 


Nurses trousers from £13.95.


Chefs trousers from £14.95.


Hi-viz trousers from £11.40.


Waterproof trousers from £9.99.

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